Ever since the inception of authoring tools, it has been one of the topics of debate and many people doubt about its authenticity. Opinions of the people keep changing with the increase in usage of online contents in delivering teaching and training. But one thing is sure that these tools are widely used in the present digital world by most of the developers and companies to develop interesting and informative contents in a fantastic way. But still, there are some myths revolving around these tools that doubt some portion of the people to make use of it. Here are them for with the real scenario today.

Too expensive

It is on the computer, so it will be costly. This is a common myth that runs first in the mind. This is so common belief, but it is completely wrong. Even though there are costly designing and developing tools and software, it doesn’t mean that everything related to the computer comes at account breaking cost. When it comes to training, these tools are real lifesavers for the organization. It helps the businesses to save millions of dollars breaking the barrier of space and time especially when they have to train large groups of staffs of learners. There are online platforms to provide advanced online authoring tools at affordable rates.

It is about dumping the content

This is another wrong belief about these tools. People and users believe that it is something about dumping the content into a PowerPoint presentation and to make it look attractive. But this is wrong and it is something entirely different from dumping the content and to give some beautiful skins. You will be provided with a fantastic collection of tools to put your ideas in a systematic way. You should have a good idea about learning content, for what, for whom and how it is to be developed. The selection of right tools and the systematic process goes on until the final content is delivered.

Serious content development is time-consuming

Some people think that it takes months of time to get familiar with online content development tools. Hence it doesn’t meet the immediate requirement even though it seems to be good on investing in the authoring tools. They also think it is hard to use some of the tools and developing online content as irrelevant. In the past, this seems to true with non-intuitive and complicated authoring tools. But now reputed online content creation platforms provide outstanding, awesome and simple to use tools that make the process really easy and fast.

Engaging content is just a matter of clicks

Some people think that is all a matter of few clicks to develop engaging contents. Even though the advanced tools made the process so simple, it is not only a matter of making some clicks here and there. It is all about the way you mold every aspect of content using the ideas, interactive script, great visuals, animations, nice audio, and most importantly the design strategy.

So, in all terms, it is really easy, effective and cost-efficient to make use of e-learning and development tools to develop quality contents.

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