Raksha Bandhan is a special day that highlights and aims to strengthen the bond between a brother and his sister. For the same, sisters will buy Rakhi online for their brother and probably get him some gifts too. But for some odd reason, the fact that brothers must buy their sister a present too seems to be glossed over every time. It’s probably to do with the whole festival focusing on the “Rakhi” part of things and not the bigger picture. Which is why I decided to talk about the bigger picture here and suggest a few gift ideas that will definitely put a smile on your sister’s face.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best gifts available online for your sister-

1. Spa Day

I’m sure as you read the words “spa” and “day” you realized just how good an idea this is. After all, you usually spend a lot of time arguing with your sister saying she’s super pampered. Well, now you can pamper her yourself and put aside all the brother sister bickering for one day. She will be more than pleased because let’s face it, who doesn’t love a day at the spa. All you have to do is head online, find a spa near you and make a booking.

2. A Warm & Cozy Blanket

If there is one thing all sisters need, it is a blanket that keeps them warm because for some reason… our sisters are always cold. Regardless, even if your sister is not, she would love a blanket that she can carry around with her. As long as it’s soft, plush and portable, she’s going to be quite happy with it.

3. A Starbucks Coffee Mug

Not only will a Starbucks coffee mug allow your sister to carry her coffee around in style, but it’ll also help save plastic and paper as this mug can be used anywhere. Plus, if you can find a mug with Starbucks branding, you’ll be able to ensure she gets that snapchat or Instagram story all girls love to post, anywhere in the world.

4. Makeup Kit

If your sister likes to dress up and go out with friends on a regular basis, she will love it if you get her a makeup kit during Raksha Bandhan. Afterall, makeup is something that is used by pretty much most women on regular basis. Plus, Raksha Bandhan usually gets some offers going for the same, so you should be able to find her a fancy make up kit she’ll love.

5. Pepper Spray & Other Safety Equipment

Unfortunately, no gift can be more thoughtful and appropriate for Raksha Bandhan than a pepper spray kit. Afterall, Raksha literally translates to protection and in a country as dangerous for women as India, every self-defence accessory can help. It won’t prevent anything, but it might just help get her out of a sticky situation. These can be found online too.

So, keep these gift ideas for your sister in mind while choosing something this Raksha Bandhan. You’ll surely be able to put a smile on her face with the above ideas, but if you think you know what your sister really wants. Go for it! Afterall, you know her better than me or any other writer on the internet. But if you’re confused, the above suggestions should work like a charm.

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