Need for E-learning Tools and Contents

The demand for elearning programs is only found to be increasing with each passing day. This is because, organizations and institutions have found to enjoy the numerous benefits that the latest technology has brought with it and to save on time and money. Elearning is considered to be the next big thing that is fast gaining popularity among organizations, both small and big. It is only found to be replacing the traditional based classroom learning as it is easy, effective and imparts quick knowledge.

Higher content retention through personalized learning

Individuals are allowed by technology based solutions to choose their own learning style which fits their learning needs perfectly. Also it offers higher stimulation levels which are customizable according to the learners’ proficiency level. These days, people do have 24/7 access to contents and hence, can study at their own leisure time and to review the course materials whenever desired. As they are in a better position to personalize the learning material to meet their specific needs, they do have better control over entire learning process. Thus, students can learn much better with elearning tools and understand the materials thoroughly. This leads to a faster learning curve by approximately 60% when compared to the instructor led classroom learning. Also e learning development tools are used to make the contents unique and interesting and not boring. Contents can now be delivered in small units known as ‘chunks’, thereby contributing towards much better lasting learning effect in the students. On the other hand, average instructor led content retention rate is just around 25% to 60%. Therefore, higher value for each dollar sent upon training is derived with higher content retention.

Enhanced interactivity and collaboration among students

The experts do conclude that elearning solutions has the ability to provide much more interaction and collaboration with students, thereby leading to higher success rate when compare to live classes. Communication and teaching techniques combined with graphics and multimedia using the e learning content development tool does create highly interactive online environment. It includes story-telling, case studies, role playing, demonstrations, online references, streamed videos, personalized mentoring and coaching, project teams, discussion groups, email, chat rooms, tips, bulletin boards, wizards, FAQs and tutorials.

The experts also conclude that elearning programs can be made all the more stimulating, while encouraging critical reasoning. This is because the online based programs have been created in a manner to provoke proper interaction which takes place mostly in small group settings. Students availing online courses get drawn within the subject matter taught during the session much more deeply. This is because, of the opportunity they get to get involved. The next aspect is that the engagement is only further facilitated as attention within the online environment is not monopolized. Other studies have revealed that more peer contact is possible by online students with the other students, thereby improving the moods, to spend more time and enjoy it thoroughly, to understand the contents better as well as improve their overall learning experience and performance.

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