What Are the Advantages of Solid Timber Flooring?

Timber flooring is very popular due to its durability and easy to clean features. And when it comes to choosing the best timber flooring option, solid timber flooring tops the list because of its hardness and stain free features. It consists of hard timber and known as hardwood. If you are planning to renovate your home and consider changing the flooring, then wood flooring is the best option. However, you may get confused between hardwood flooring and engineered flooring. If you want a specific color for your floor, then it is best to choose hardwood flooring as its appearance will become better over time.

 Let Us Understand the Advantages of The Solid Timber Flooring:

  • If you want to create an aesthetic and rich look in your home interior, then solid hardwood flooring is the best option to choose.
  • Due to its ageing effect, it helps in improving the appearance of the flooring.
  • If you have small children in your home, then this flooring is best to consider.
  • Solid timber is very hard compared to softwood and engineered woods, so it is not prone to damages.
  • Solid timber floor will last for decades.
  • Best for your health as it does not have electromagnetic nature.
  • It is ideal for people suffering from allergies as dust will not stick to the floors.
  • It will improve the overall look of your home and make your home look beautiful and more inviting.
  • The biggest advantage of the solid timber flooring is its versatility and your style will not change over a period of time. You can choose from a wide range of finishes and colors.
  • Hardwood requires low maintenance because of its easy to clean feature. You have to clean the surface by doing weekly sweeping and mopping. It requires deep cleaning only once a year.
  • You will get better quality because these floors do not catch pet hair and dust particles. Also, these floors do not have grout lines on them.
  • You will not require a vacuum cleaner to clean the solid timber thus it is cost effective compared to other materials.
  • This type of material can be refinished, and it will cost you less compared to the replacement of flooring. You will get an opportunity to completely change the overall look of your home at a minimal cost. You do not need to panic if your home is not made as per your directions and you are unhappy with the flooring because you can refinish them.
  • You can get natural patterns but in carpets, you get only one color but timber provides better patterns and natural beauty.
  • It is also an environment- friendly option as it does not pose any harm to the environment as well as one’s health thus it will save the environment. If you want natural flooring, then timber flooring should be your first priority.
  • It will add value to your home as you will be paid high when you sell your home with hardwood flooring attached to it. Buyers recommended a house with solid timber flooring rather than a house without hardwood



If you are still wondering that whether to apply solid timber at your home’s floor, then you should check the advantage given above and find out your answers. You should remember that how solid timber flooring can benefit your home. If you are looking for flooring that can increase the air quality in your home, then you should not think much and choose the solid timber flooring for your home.

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