VLSI Technology – An Overview

Very Large Scale Integration is a technology which has brought about a revolution in recent times. It has made work simpler and easier. It consists of a large number of transistors put together in just one chip. And these VLSI chips are used in almost everything around us such as cars, mobiles, home appliances, medical equipment and much more. There is a huge demand for engineers in this field and even companies are hiring interns. One of the best options is VLSI internship in Bangalore where you can get extensive knowledge on how this technology works.

But, before jumping into the future let us look at the past. The integrated chips came into view in the 1950’s and since then have been a source of attraction for engineers as they made things more compact and easy to use. The first step was to carry put Small Scale Integration on the chips in which maximum 10 transistors could be combined, then came medium scale integration in which maximum 100 transistors could be combined together. Next up was Large Scale Integration which could accommodate up to 1000 transistors. But, with the development in technology, the demand also increases and finally in the mid-eighties came Very large Scale Integration method in which more than a 1000 transistors could be accommodated with ease. Intriguing right?

The VLSI design consists of a front end and a back end design each comprising of different things and include physical design and simulation of faults. The major design steps include specifying the problem. It may be either with the design, the performance or functionality of the chip. Next one is the architecture definition which should be provided as per specified. Then there is functional, logic, circuit and physical design. Each and every design step has a significance and if not carried out properly may incur a heavy monetary loss. So, while working on big projects it is necessary for people to make sure they do not do any mistakes.

This field is open for all those minds who are fascinated towards VLSI technology and want to contribute something to it. VLSI has CMOS technology and is actually dominating most of the industries. In Future, it will expand even more and play a vital role in the development. Although this technology has many advantages, there are a few disadvantages as well. With the increase in the number of transistors, the energy dissipation also increasing leading to pollution in one way or other. And the fabrication cost is so high that one mistake will make a hole in the pocket. But, these can be solved if we have the right solutions.

All the people who aspire to be a part of VLSI field need to have a good hold in the field of electronics and software. This will make things easier for them and they can get their dream jobs. But before that, you can go for an internship in reputed companies to get an idea about the field. VLSI internship for freshers is a great opportunity given by big companies by which they will get fresh talent and you will get knowledge.

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