Preleased, also known as pre-rented property are properties leased to a tenant first and later on sold in the market. The lease also gets transferred to the new owner with the transfer of property. Following which, the new owner enjoys the lease rent every month.

Majority of the preleased properties are provided to the bank. For example, Mr Sharma has a 2500 square feet of a shop which he leased to a bank. The bank pays him a rent of Rupees 1.5 lacs. Now, Mr Sharma decides to sell off the shop to Mr Chopra for Rupees 1.2 Crores. So, according to the new arrangement, the bank will pay a rent of Rupees 1.5 lacs to Mr Chopra from now onwards.

Similarly, pre-leased properties can be rented for building shopping malls, hotels, restaurants or for other commercial purposes. Once the owner sells off the preleased property to another owner, the rent of the preleased property needs to be paid to the new owner.

If you are looking for preleased properties for constructing a bank, you can find them online. For example, if you are from Delhi, you have to look for preleased property to banks in Delhi. From the list of available properties, you can choose the one which suits your budget and other requirements. If you are looking for properties for commercial purposes, then search for preleased commercial property in Delhi and choose a property that meets all your criterion.

There a few important things you need to keep in mind before investing in preleased properties for a bank or commercial purposes. They are as follows.

  • Property and location: Look for properties which are easy to sell off in case the tenants move out. Ground floors are easier to sell off at appropriate locations which are well communicated.
  • Tenant: Associate with tenants who have a stable business and with whom you can plan for long-term investments before you take a property on the lease.
  • Price: Preleased properties are usually priced over the similar properties present in the area. Therefore, if you are taking an older property on a lease you must negotiate to the best of your ability. If it’s a new project on rent, try to negotiate to equate with the market price.
  • Rent Yield: Rent yield is the amount of percentage of rent you receive over your value of an investment. This should be considered as an important factor while taking a property on the lease for commercial purposes. However, do not treat it as a sole factor. Analyse the quality of the place, the investment to be made, the owner, etcetera before you focus on rent yield.
  • Rent Escalation: Frame your lease agreement in a way which will keep your rent escalating at a minimum amount. This will not affect you in case of inflation.
  • Taxes: Discuss the payment of municipality tax and various other taxes with your tenant before taking the property on the lease. It is important to know who will be paying the taxes.
  • Lease Tenure: This should be optimum, neither too short nor too long signed in a proper agreement with other clauses included.

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