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The Do’s and Don’ts When It Comes To Dressing Up For A Job Interview

We already know by now that first impressions never last. However, what you choose to wear on your interviews can make or break your chances of getting hired. When dressing up for that much-awaited date, it will be best to dress to impress. Knowing what to wear and what to avoid wearing is key in looking cool, professional and presentable.

These are six do’s and don’ts when it comes to dressing up for an interview.

Skip Anything that is Wrinkled, Stained and Those that Don’t Fit Right.

Refrain from wearing soiled clothes and stained shoes if you want to make a good statement. Also, it’s best to iron up your shirt for the day and to choose one that fits well – not too loose nor too tight. Not sure how to clean and iron your clothes the right way? Have your outfit dry cleaned and smoothed by a professional.  

Refrain Super Trendy OOTDs

Unless the position you applied for is in the fashion industry, it is best not to wear any clothes that are too trendy. It is not worth spending too much money on something that you can only wear for so long. Also, dressing up to impress doesn’t necessarily mean wearing the most fashion-forward clothes in your closet.

Don’t Wear Anything that is Too Sexy and Casual

Always go in the middle, even if you find staffs and employees in the company wearing jeans and t-shirts. Create a look that is not too formal but not as casual as your favorite stars. It only means no shorts, skirts and dresses that are way above the knee, low-rise pants, plunging necklines, sleeveless tops, casual t-shirts, tops that shows your belly button, flip-flops, and sneakers. You can, however, wear a light blazer like a Barbero Belted Blazer over a cute and light top.

Shy Away From Outdated Clothes

While no one should judge someone by their fashion taste, it would still be best to consider chic and fashion-forward garments that will give others a good impression on you. Beat up sneakers, and stained pumps should never be considered. There is a thin line between wearing dated clothes and not knowing how to dress up nicely and smartly.

Go Easy on Your Beauty Routine

Outlandish makeup is never appropriate for job interviews, and if you wear heavy hair and makeup during one, you might as well scare the hiring managers. Light and natural makeup are best. Also, try to tame your tresses and at least style your hair where one can see your face.

Avoid Strong Scents as well as Flashy Jewelry

You may have fallen in love with your cologne or perfume since forever, but others may not be a fan. Also, some people are allergic to overwhelming scent, so take it easy on your spritz. Also, tone it down when it comes to choosing your jewelry. This can only distract your interviewer.

We know that looking good can boost your confidence, but there’s always the proper way to do it. There’s no one stopping you from wearing that outfit inspired by your favorite star, but first, check if it is appropriate for interviews or not. Ace your interview while feeling good and looking good.

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