Simple mod to remove jello or vibration from the video

After so many attempts and failure, i now have jello or vibration free video. Now my videos are actually smoother than my previous videos. To do this mode you need some of these very basic things which are easily available around us.

1.Saline water tube 1 pieceIMG_20160328_101120 IMG_20160328_101145

2. Some pieces of foamIMG_20160328_101154

Now we can start our mode. First you have to put both end of the tube to the two front holes of the top plate of the gimbal and make sure both holes have equal part of the tube in both side. Then start to wrap it both holes two times then go to the another holes in the back…I think pictures will explain everything correctly than my here are some exactly the same process and don’t make it so tight or loose….don’t put the foam tightly…foam is only place to hold the position of the gimbal and for stopping wobble around.

IMG_20160328_102409IMG_20160328_102448IMG_20160328_102649IMG_20160328_102808IMG_20160328_103024 IMG_20160328_103029 IMG_20160328_101306 IMG_20160328_101256 IMG_20160328_104131 IMG_20160328_101418 IMG_20160328_101410

Here is the video after this mod..


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