Opportunities in Healthcare for Military Veterans

Healthcare and use of technology to treat patients are not new to military personnel. They would have worked in extremely hostile environments where they had missiles flying overhead and supply lines under threat. No wonder medical service personnel have a different opportunity in the civilian healthcare facilities. Thus, it is easy to get a job for a veteran in hospital and healthcare sector.

Wherever a veteran goes, his/her background is highly valued. Employers, usually, never question the ability of a military person to deal with high-stress conditions. Military medical personnel would have seen it all when it comes to patient care.

When it comes to making a transition to the civilian workforce, military medical workers face many of the same issues as other armed service professionals. However, it can be said military medical workers find it a lot easier to find work as a civilian. This is mainly because the medical vocabulary stays the same. The procedures and protocols are standard in all healthcare facilities. Only job names and titles change for different procedures and policies. For instance, a member of the armed forces who used to work as a Laboratory NCOIC (Non-commissioned Officer in Charge) would be known as blood bank supervisor in a civilian set up. There are several Transition Assistance programs that an armed person can sign up to, where they get help to fit into civilian life.

Some of the military veteran jobs Hospital and Healthcare are as follows:

–    Medical Assistant

A medical assistant is a person who takes care of the tasks related to administration at the doctor’s office or hospital. Medical assistant jobs are on the rise and are estimated to grow at around 31%.

–    Pharmacy Technician

They are responsible for helping the pharmacists assist the patients. They are required to understand drug names and uses. However, since these people lack the necessary education, they are not allowed to prescribe medication or assess the ability of a patient to react to a particular drug.

–    Emergency Medical Technician

Emergency Medical Technicians or EMTs care for the sick and injured patients in emergency rooms, ambulances and other fast-paced medical environments. EMTs must have a fundamental knowledge of the different medical conditions so they can adequately help the patients they encounter. They must be on call to react at a moment’s notice. Sometimes EMTs work for the fire department or health care equipment distributors, but most find employment in hospitals and emergency medical centers.

–    Massage Therapist

A massage therapist is a person who physically manipulates muscles in the body. The technique is used to relieve tension and stress. A military person has seen a lot of issues where the bones or muscles are injured. Some techniques to relieve that pain is applied in civilian cases too.

–    Administrator

Every hospital needs an administrative system. Veterans without any medical experience can find their calling here. Alternatively, they can find themselves in the roles of management. Large hospitals especially require some managers. The structures life and hierarchy experienced in the military career can come of great use here.

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