How to Spy on Employee’s Computer Without Them Knowing

Are you looking for the tools to spy on your workers’ computer devices without letting them know? The entrepreneurs around the world have been using different tools and tactics to keep their employees under surveillance. One of the most effective tools for employee monitoring is spy software. The technologists have developed spy software and applications to supervise workers’ activities from anywhere and anytime. You can install the spy software on company-owned computers, mobile phones and tablets to track every single activity performed on these devices. There are various Computer monitoring software applications that allow monitoring activities performed on the monitored computer. One of these applications is TheOneSpy computer tracking software that allows supervising activities performed on and in the surroundings of the monitored computer device. Read on to know how this software let you spy on employee’s computer devices without leaving any clue of spying.

How does Computer Tracking Software Work?

TheOneSpy tracking software enables employers to monitor and manage the computer devices of their employees. The software is compatible with Windows and MAC monitoring software. Once you install the computer tracking software on the targeted device, you can monitor almost every activity performed on that device. The spy software gets access to data stored on the monitored computer and uploads that data to the online spy account. The employers can operate the online spy account to monitor data fetched from the targeted device. This account is also used to send command to the targeted computer device to perform certain actions.

What Can Computer Tracking Software Do?

The monitoring software for computer can perform innumerable functions to track activities performed on the targeted device. From real-time monitoring to surround monitoring, the app offers high-tech features to monitor actions performed on the targeted device and in the vicinity of the device. We have rounded up here the core features of Windows spy software to let you understand how it tracks employees’ computers.

On-Demand Screenshots

What if you could know what your worker is doing on its computer in real-time? The computer spy software lets you know whether your worker is watching YouTube video on computer or working on the assigned project. The software lets you capture whatever appears on the screen of targeted computer. You can send a command via online control panel of spy software to the targeted computer to take screenshots in real-time or at scheduled time. The computer activities of the employees will help you identify dedicated and unproductive workers.

Track Internet Use

The computer spy software lets you supervise the internet use of workers. You can know which websites are frequently being visited and at what time. You can also get access to the internet browsing history of the targeted computers to see the detail of internet activities of employees.

Block Websites

If you find your workers spending too much time on unproductive websites such as music and video streaming sites and gaming websites, you can block those websites. The computer spy software let you block workers’ access to unwanted websites by putting the URL of the website into the filter. You can also block a website by putting keyword to block all websites containing those keywords and phrases.

Mighty Alarms

The employers can set alarms on certain activities to be notified of their workers doing those activities. For example, if you do not want your workers to use Facebook, you can set alarm to be notified if someone opens the social networking site.

Track Emails

Emails can be the most significant part of a business because the official communication takes place via emails. The spy app lets you monitor emails sent and received by your workers via Gmail. You can read email content and see email addresses of senders and receivers. It helps you ensure your workers do not respond to phishing and malicious emails. The email monitoring also restricts your workers from transferring sensitive company information to rivalry groups.


You can record whatever your worker type on the keyboard of monitored computers. You can store email addresses, passwords and usernames to get access to the online and emailing accounts of workers.

That is not all. The spy software for Windows computers offers numerous other features to monitor the online and offline activities performed by the workers without letting them know.

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