How Recumbent Bikes helps in burning Calories

Of late, the reclining-seated workout bikes are being preferred more and more over the regular upright ones owing to the ergonomic reasons. In these recumbent bikes, working out becomes a comfortable affair with the back and buttocks well supported by the reclining seats.These bikes are getting more preferences as working out on an inclined plane has proven to be more effective therebyburning more calories in a shorter time.The best recumbent exercise bike will ideally have its seat further from the pedals.

  • Cardio sets: While you choose the recumbent bikes over the upright ones, and if you are a first time user, it is advisable to start with a medium or low speed.These bikes are also suitable for your cardio sets. While you pedal at a smooth low pace, performing cardio exercises in between will be easier, thereby stabilizing your heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Set the time span for work out session: Going by the surveys, at an average a person weighing about 110 or 120 pounds is likely to lose about 190 calories on cycling on these bikes for about half an hour. Therefore, in the initial days of workout, set your time to half an hour and gradually extend it to an hour once your body gets accustomed to it.
  • Losing the extra inches from the lower body:Mostly recumbent bikes help in reducing fats from the lower abdominal parts and the legs. With most of these bikes, the seats can be adjusted and it is suggested to keep the distance of the seats from the pedals not too short. This will in turn help in losing fats from the calves, thighs and gluteus muscles.
  • Toning your upper body: While most of these bikes help in toning the legs and the abs, the ones with handles can serve as the all-rounder. Also, the folding recumbent exercise bikes enable you to work out in any desired location, be it your garden or be it your living area- you can work out at any place.
  • Flat abs: For those looking for an easy way to attain fit abs, the best rated recumbent bike is the ideal option. Be it the ones with or without handles, recumbent bikes will never disappoint you in case of losing the tiers from your tummy and waist.
  • Taking the right intervals: Without proper stretches of intervals, no work out can be effective.If you pedal at almost maximum of your intensity for about 30 seconds, gradually reduce the speed for a recovery period of about the same time span.
  • Maintaining gradual speed changes: While beginning the work-out, cycling speed should be low so as to set the body temperature at the optimum. Once comfortable, the intensity and speed have to be increased gradually. While reaching the end of the workout session, the speed has to be decreased gradually instead of a sudden stop.
  • Workout posture: For burning more calories, the seat needs to be adjusted in such a way, so that the body is in a decent posturewith a slight bend at the knees and the maximum body weight on the handles.

The points mentioned along with a smooth warm-up of about 5-10 minutes stretching your muscles will result in the most effective workout on recumbent bikes.

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