Get The Best Security Camera Systems For Your Home

It’s the responsibility of every homeowner to ensure the safety of his house. In the present surveillance industry, security cameras are the most important member of this industry, which provides the most informative and up to date information. In this article, you will find important things related to security camera services.

Below are some important points are given which will help you to keep all the things remember before buying a security camera system.

Video Quality:

Do you have ever thought that which video quality is the best? There are generally two video quality formats, which are considered to be the best, that are, TVI and AHD. Both these cameras have the same resolution, i.e. 1080p. Both are very much similar in their identification and specification and both of these have weatherproof housing and firmware technologies.

They also have same type of camera lens i.e. vari-focal lens and same number of IR LEDs. These two also use DDNS services and dynamic IP Addresses in surveillance Systems. Dynamic IP Addresses helps you to control your surveillance system remotely.

Audio Quality

Before we start with the audio quality, we need to understand some important terms related to this.

A Stand-Alone Audio Surveillance Microphone 

  • This is a type of mic, which uses its own audio cable and power supply cable.
  • With the help of this special mic, we do not need to pair this near the security camera but they can be as they are flexible in nature.
  • This microphone needs to be paired with RG59 Siamese coax cable and power supply box.
  • Professional installers use this to install analog CCTV and HD security camera systems.
  • Installers find the cutting of RG59 wire simple and easy to use. This can be easily used to wire surveillance microphones.
  • These all things can make the audio clear and original.

Few Latest Technologies Helpful in Security Systems

#1. WDR Technology:

WDR stands for wide dynamic range and it is an imaging method, which is helpful in capturing wide range shots in one shot only that cannot be done by standard cameras.

This may be helpful in the case of some crime or steal. It’s benefits are-

  • Images are captured at a good clarity and sharpness.
  • The images are bright and tone mapping is adjusted automatically with perfect saturation.
  • WDR comes in 4 variant- Digital WDR, true WDR, ultra WDR, view- DR

#2. DNR

DNR stands for digital noise reduction, which is used in utilizing temporal noise reduction. It’s a traditional DNR technology based on comparing one frame to the next and removes any tiny specs in each frame that do not match.

All this is done to remove any tiny specs of noise in the frame.

It’s benefits are: It provides clearer signal, greater disk space savings, sharper and more accurate images, which makes it easier to identify every suspect of the images.

  • There are two types of DNR: 2D DNR and 3D DNR.

#3. IR Smartness

IR stands for infrared. In most of the cases, any illegal suspect or any type of crime or steal is done in a low light, so that they could make it easier to get saved from security systems, but with IR technologies, all the security systems can have a clear recording in low lighting conditions also.

With the increase in technology, now IR has been converted to smart IR, which helps to record even the faces of people in the dark.

It’s benefits are: It gives response quickly to the change in lighting conditions, and adjust the lighting intensity.

All things mentioned above will help a lot to someone who is thinking to buy a security system, which is must in the present crime world. Nowadays, every school, bank, offices, etc. are secured with security camera systems and many houses too. With the alarming rise in the crime rate, it is important that every home need a security camera system. You should also buy a security camera system for your house or any commercial use.

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