Disadvantages of hiring a SEO Company that is ranking focused

Today, online presence matters regardless of what business you are in. The world around you is going digital and so should you. However, this may not be as easy as it sounds.


Think about how much content is out there. As of now, there are more than 1.5 billion websites present on the internet. Don’t worry; you don’t have to compete with all of them. Only 200 million of them are active. That’s still a significant amount.

What does this value mean? It means that at least 200 million websites are fighting to be seen by users. It is safe to say that there will be quite a lot of sites operating in your niche as well. This is why content marketing and SEO is essential.

Therefore, to establish your online presence, you must hire an SEO company. But, you should do so carefully. While companies like Colorado SEO company offer varying SEO services, many companies are transfixed on rankings. It is advised that you avoid such options.

Why is the top ranking no longer relevant?

There was a time when getting the top rank on a search engine is what mattered the most. However, things have since changed.


Because the way people interact with the internet and the way search engines rank, websites have changed drastically. Even if your site is the first to appear on the search engine, click-through rates are still dropping. People don’t access the first link available and instead take their time reading meta descriptions before deciding which website fulfills their purpose.

And Google doesn’t help either. Google is the top search engine and accounted for 79% of total traffic in 2017. Not only does Google change its algorithm a lot, but has recently started adding ads and boxes in its search results. Between images, advertisements, maps, and additional boxes, it is easy for users to get distracted.

This is why aiming for the top rank may or may not prove to be fruitful. Instead, it is advised that you seek a good ranking instead. Yes, it is important to appear on the first page of the search engine. But, that’s it.

Why not hire a company focused on ranking?

You might wonder, why did we tell you not to hire a company that is solely focused on Search Engine Rankings? Well, there are various disadvantages to such an approach. Here are the major ones.

  1. Rankings are temporary

Chasing top ranks is like a cat chasing a mouse. It is a never-ending process. This is mainly because Google keeps on changing its algorithm. It does so to improve customer experience. But, it also means that your website must continuously adapt to these changes. There is nothing wrong with doing so. However, companies which get too consumed in this process tend to overlook other essential SEO tools, like content marketing.

  1. Click-Through-Rates are not guaranteed by ranking

Some of these companies might tell you that ranking is vital for CTRs. However, so far there isn’t any definite correlation between the two. Yes, it might be true that the higher your rank is, the more likely it is that people will click on it. But, there is no guarantee. And if let’s say the websites that rank lower than you offer attractive meta descriptions or offers, or are more relevant to the search, then they might still get better CTRs. Metadata and other forms of optimization must be the priority of your SEO company. Having too much focus on ranking leads you to lose sight of what really matters, and that is getting people on your website.

  1. They don’t focus on what matters

SEO companies that focus solely on ranking cannot be considered to be professionals in their field. This is because online presence is much more than what rank you have on search engines. It is about ensuring traffic to your website and establishing it as an authority website.

There was a time when websites could get away with keyword stuffing to get people to their site. It also ensured that you ranked high on search engines. However, now technology and people are both wary of such attempts. Google gives good rankings to websites that are relevant and genuine. Users too appreciate such websites.

This is why rather than focusing only on keywords and copywriting, writing blogs and conducting content marketing is much more critical. People are likely to remember you and avail your services if they believe you are an expert. Writing blogs regarding the niche you operate in allows you to do so. Remember, by blogs we don’t mean articles full of required keywords. Instead, the content should be researched well and useful to readers. Keywords should be added organically and only if they make sense.

How to choose SEO companies?

Now that you know that rankings are not the only necessary tool, what exactly should you look for in an SEO company? Here are a few factors that are crucial for effective optimization.

  • Focus on analytics: Now, SEO and content marketing must be driven by data
  • Customized services as per your need. The same approach cannot apply to all companies
  • A holistic SEO strategy with a focus on content marketing, SERP and conversion optimization
  • A company which takes time to figure it out. Companies that deliver fast results should be avoided as those results are short-lived


Don’t make a high ranking your goal. Instead, concentrate on building a relationship with your customers. Having the right goal will allow you to choose the right SEO company. Make a point of hiring experts that can write content for you that is relevant to your industry. Take your time to build your reputation as an expert. You might find this approach to be slow, but it is bound to work in the long run. Never revolve your strategy on something that you can’t fully control. And search engine ranking and algorithm is just that. You can’t control when it changes.

Build a credible online presence. Focus on the things that matter, and you are good to go.

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