When in good times, companies tend to continue spending on all the aspect they have been spending previously but when the problem knocks the door with falling sales or diminishing profits; people into human resource are sacked while marketing budget is axed.

These days, companies tend to market more with the digital platforms which altogether is termed as digital marketing that includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Influencer Marketing, Content Marketing, etc. Using the digital means, the company tends to allocate a budget for any of those mentioned digital marketing need that would suit their marketing strategy.

Let us look at a few cues that will help us understand why digital marketing is a necessity:

  • With over 2.62 Billion people over social media in 2018, the number is expected to grow over 3 Billion by next year.
  • A whopping 122% ROI through email marketing is what keeps it still alive in the market despite being an oldie with the best market experience.
  • When your customers search for their requirement using a certain keyword, if your website appears on top or at least on the first few pages, it gives them an impression that your company is a reputed one.
  • Over 80% startups and small established ventures had used Influencer Marketing or will be looking forward to use this method at least once in 2018.
  • More than 90% of B2C businesses believe that content marketing is extremely important and they are committed to generate good quality content in order to lure their customers.

While drafting a business budget, many of them tend to look at digital marketing as an expense, but let us try to find out why it is a wrong idea to do so!

A Loyal Customer Base:

For any business, it is important to retain the loyal customer which is a priority above fetching new ones. With digital marketing, companies can identify their loyal customers and treat them with best offers, better customer service and utmost importance. Loyal customers not just purchase the product or service regularly but they are also the face of your company. Such customers are brand ambassador who will fetch new customers with their word of mouth.

The Cost-Benefit Analysis:

The investment in digital marketing costs less than the traditional marketing methods. Digital marketing is more focused towards the targeted audience as it is data-driven and can be pitched to the right set of customers.

The best thing about investing in digital marketing is, its Measurable! One can track from the insights available about the search engine rank position for different keywords, data analytics will help with insights about customers, the click-through rate (CTR), the goal conversion and many more metrics.

This image is taken from analytics of Swaham

Connect to your Right Customers:

When companies adhere to digital marketing, in return best digital marketing company provide them with relevant data to connect with customers which include customers who failed to make the payment, who felt that discount was needed to make the purchase etc. This will help in creating a better customer base and cater to each unconverted leads. This data will also help in connecting with loyal customers.

The King of Reasons to Invest – Increased Topline

With digital marketing, the right customers are targeted at the right time which results in higher sales. Companies can study their audience and accordingly tweak their offering to achieve a better topline.

A good digital marketing strategy allows inbound sales lead with:

  • Attracting the right customer with right SEO, PPC and SMM campaigns.
  • Lead conversion into sales with better offers and quality landing pages.
  • Stay connected with customers through newsletter marketing, automated marketing and lead nutrition.
  • Increased sales through inbound leads, brand awareness and Customer Relationship Management.
  • Data Analytics to gather all the information for further use and benefit.

Everything mentioned above will help you achieve the top line but what is more important is; not investing or reducing the budget will impact negatively to the sales.


The core reason to start any business is higher sales and profitability which can be achieved best through digital marketing, as large market share is available on Internet. Investing in digital marketing will further result in increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Companies who treat digital marketing as an expense will lose its customers to those who take it as an investment as slowly they will spend less on digital marketing as they will aim at reducing their expense and will keep increasing the budget allotment to use it as a medium of growth.

What are you waiting for? Start investing right into digital marketing and it will boost your business with right growth.

Author Bio: Noel is an expert Seo Service provider at Eminent InfoWeb LLP, who is focused on developing businesses to expand sales online through increased website traffic and conversions. He also likes to share his knowledge through his content and has written down many articles related to Digital Marketing.

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