Clean Your House to Give a New Look

Cleanliness is next to godliness. So don’t forget to wash your eyes and don’t forget to clean your glass through which the world will be seen. A dirty house is a germy house. The best way of protecting you and your family and defending your house against illness wash away the dust to clear the germs. Call a professional house cleaning services in Gurgaon to solve your problem and make your sweet home clean and shiny. The cleaning professional generally offers clean-up house dusting, floor scrubbing and cleaning, carpet cleaning, sofa cleaning, AC servicing, kitchen degreasing, bathroom cleaning and also provides customize cleaning according to your need.

Bedroom Cleaning

A bedroom is not meant to be used at bedtime but also it is a room where you seek comfort, rest, and peace. So cleaning bedroom is not just keeping the bedcovers, pillows, and blankets in right place. Cleaning of the bedroom is more than that. Every nook and corner of the bedroom should be neat and clean to ensure a healthy environment. You should first pick-up the dirty clothes, bed sheets and covers, old pillow covers, window and mirror curtains for laundry. The cleaning professionals will dust the floor, ceiling, and walls of the bedroom. Window panels and the fans if there will be cleaned properly.

Living Room Cleaning

This is the most habitable area of a house and needs an in-depth attention for cleaning. The professionals of the best cleaning services in Gurgaon take care of cleaning every detail of the living room to project a new look of the place. Ceiling, floor, walls, photo-frames, picture-frames, chairs, tables, showpieces, bookshelves, sofas, ceiling fans, chandelier everything will be taken into consideration for deep cleaning and vacuuming.

Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen in your home is the heart and health that promotes a sense of well-being within the family. And cleaning of a kitchen sometimes appears to be a daunting task. No matter how challenging is the task, the professional cleaner will follow the schedule of kitchen cleaning as under:

  • Wipe the grate off stove’s burner.
  • Wipe the stove’s surface to clean the stains.
  • Remove the control knobs and wash using mild dish soap.
  • Wash and clean the oven’s grate.
  • Clean the oven.
  • Wipe and dry outside of the vent hood. Removing and cleaning the vent filters.
  • Clean the refrigerator with a cleaning solution.
  • Cleaning of inside and outside of the cabinets.
  • Wipe the kitchen counter.
  • Cleaning of kitchen sink along with its accessories.
  • Cleaning of other kitchen appliances.
  • Scrubbing, washing, cleaning, and vacuuming the floor area of the kitchen.

Bathroom Cleaning

Nobody in a family wants to clean a bathroom. Don’t worry, the professional cleaning organizations are ready to clean your bathroom on call and that involves:

  • Cleaning of walls of the bathroom using the cleaning products.
  • Cleaning of the shower.
  • Cleaning of the sink and counter area with cleaning solution and sponge.
  • Cleaning of the mirror with a bit of vinegar to make it shiny.
  • Cleaning the exterior of the toilet with disinfectant including the toilet bowl.
  • Scrubbing and cleaning the toilet bowl with a toilet brush applying disinfectant and flush.
  • Scrub, wash, sweep, and mop the floor.

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