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Condo Management Company

Keeping Things Positive With Your Condo Management Company

Keeping Things Positive With Your Condo Management Company Relationships take work – and the one between your condo board and condo management company is no different! Just like every other connection in life, the one your board shares with your building’s management company requires a certain element of upkeep and open dialogue to keep things healthy. […]

buying a commercial generator

Factors to consider when buying a commercial generator

It is certainly a welcoming decision to buy a commercial generator to assure the power back up for your commercial place during electricity breaks. Power cuts have become so common due to several reasons and this is the most effective solution to keep the business and operations to run smoothly in the commercial space or […]

Online GST Software

Filing Service Tax Returns Online and GST Software

Maintaining the books is the most important task for any business. The introduction of the GST system for goods and services has now made things difficult for businessmen to maintain records. Adding more people by way of an accountant is going to raise the costs and they have to put in more effort also. Businesses […]

Tips for Investing in Preleased Property

Preleased, also known as pre-rented property are properties leased to a tenant first and later on sold in the market. The lease also gets transferred to the new owner with the transfer of property. Following which, the new owner enjoys the lease rent every month. Majority of the preleased properties are provided to the bank. […]