7 Unique & Minimalistic Back-Hand Mehendi Designs for The Modern Women

We all know about the regular and boring blah blah details of mehndi being so important for the bride. How all the ladies of the house get up so early in the morning to secure the first seat with the mehndi artist. This will ensure that her design will be unique and properly painted. Every lady wants the oh so beautiful and intricate mehndi design so that she can receive all the compliments.

But times have changed and the concept of ‘less is always more’ have gained a lot of momentum. Nowadays, many girls, especially bridesmaids work in corporate fields. And they don’t prefer their hands to be over-filled with big and heavy mehndi designs. Their preferences lie on something which is understated yet very classy.

As a result, a new trend of simple mehndi designs for back-hand has come into the picture. These fuss-free designs look traditional yet modern, take a little time and effort to apply, and still look beautiful as hell. We present 7 easy to paint, back-hand mehndi designs which are suitable for the minimal style loving bridesmaids.

  1. We bet this curly twig mehndi design is the simplest and easiest one to paint but still looks elegantAF! The attention seeker in this design is that twig ring on the fourth finger. The symmetry between the horizontal and the vertical lines capture viewers attention.
  2. If your bestie wants a design which is not modern but very traditional, then this hathfool mehndi is an ideal choice. Traditionally hathfools are a type of jewelry which is made of pure gold and the bride wears them on the day of her marriage. This mehndi is a smart way to replace that expensive jewelry with something very beautiful and equally appealing.
  3. This pattern is a perfect blend of modern and traditional mehndi. The curvy leaf with beaded lines gives this design a very minimal yet sophisticated appeal. All the millennial girls out there, steal this design before someone else does.
  4. If you want something which looks straight out of an editorial section of a magazine, then this design should not be missed. A perfect amalgamation of feminine nature of the mehndi with the bold placement of motifs on fingers, this design scream power and demands attention.
  5. All the designs we have shown till are now extra minimal in nature. But there is always one or two BFFs who want to be different from others and for them, ‘a little on the heavier side’ minimal mehndi design is the quintessential pick. Although a little intricate and detailed in nature, if painted correctly, it will make all the ladies go ga-ga.
  6. For the bridesmaids who are in a relationship, this locket-style mehndi with the initial of their boyfriend or hubby is LOVE. Traditionally all the girls paint the name or initials of her beloved on hands. This symbolizes their love for each other and the guy has to search for his initials in the heavy detail of the girl’s mehendi. Awwdorable, right?!
  7. This finger only mehndi design is another classy example of a minimal look. Also, you do not need anyone else’s help to paint this. Simply draw a straight line on the finger and then from the bottom, start making little leave like shapes. A simple, fuss-free mehndi design which takes less time to apply and dry. What more do you want?

After seeing the above designs you must be super excited and want to shout-it-out to all the friends. But before you do that, there is something which you need to think of. It is not necessary that all your friends are able to paint their own hands and no matter how simple the design, they may fail in that task and this will ruin their wedding spirits. Do you want that and what to do then?

Relax! Your friend shaddidukaan is ever ready with the solution. Being India’s favorite online wedding market, they have hundreds of mehndi artist in jaipur, delhi, bangalore and more available online. You just have to choose the one which matches your requirement. And you can also discuss with the artist about the concept of minimal mehndi designs because this may have a reducing impact on the amount you’ll pay for hiring their services.

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