Selling your house is not an easy feat.

Many people think the process is easy: take some photos, put your house on the market, sell and move.

Sadly, life is rarely that kind. There are many ways you can help your home sell on the market, and that’s why this article is here to help.

Without further ado, here are the top seven ways to stage your home before going on the market:

1. Remove all of the clutter

First things first, decluttering is essential when selling a house.

You don’t want to crowd your house with excess furniture, toys and that guitar in the corner that you planned on learning.

Instead, utilise the services that removals companies offer and store your furniture off-site. This will create a greater sense of space, opening up the room as a whole and make it more appealing to potential homeowners.

Decluttering is a step often missed by many. If you walk into a house, and the first thing you see is a mess all over the floor with little space to move around, would you buy it?

2. Home Inspection

So you’ve decluttered. Now, as you look around the house, you notice some scuff marks here and there, some general wear and tear over there.

While you may not think these are essential aspects of selling a home, potential homeowners will notice this.

Avoid these potential issues and schedule a home inspection. This will allow you to draw up an action plan of all the items to address, as well as finding out troublesome areas you weren’t aware of before.

3. Master The Online World

Photographs must be plentiful, and they must be of a high standard as this will be the first impression for any potential buyers before the viewing.

Floorplans will help potential buyers understand your home more, and high-quality pictures will go a long way in selling your home.

There will be thousands of properties on the market, so standing out above everyone else is of paramount importance.

4. Patience is a Virtue

Now you’ve got the right pictures; it’s time to put it online.

But wait! Unless you’re ready for someone to view your house tomorrow, you don’t want to be doing this just yet.

Take your time while selling your property. Yes you want viewers, and yes you want to sell quickly, but if you put your home up for sale without being ready, viewers may be deterred from buying your home.

So, take a deep breath, and read the rest of this article, to ensure you are 100% ready to sell your home.

5. Presentation is Key

When your home is seen online, along with the perfect pictures showing how amazing your home is, it’s essential to keep the real world counterpart just as accurate.

Many people stumble at this hurdle. So when you have viewings, make sure your garden is well maintained; the living room isn’t plagued with children’s toys, and the beds are all made.

While everyone knows that a family is living there, it will be easier for the potential buyer to understand how much space they have to work with. This is more difficult if everything is untidy, messy and generally distracting from what was, online, a stunning property.

6. Put some coffee on

As potential buyers walk through your doors, you want them to get a sense of what it will be like for them to live there.

You can do this by merely offering them a coffee. The smell of coffee is attractive to many people in the world, and it could change their experience of the house viewing entirely.

So, if it’s cold out, light the fire; if it’s an early morning viewing, roast some coffee beans, as everyone likes to feel at home, no matter where they are.

However, it’s probably avoided putting champagne and roses on the bed… you’re not a hotel after all.

7. Asking For Too Much

You’re selling your home. To you, it housed thousands of memories and its sentimental value to you is through the roof.

This may lead you to think that it’s worth more than it is. It’s essential to keep an eye on the market and price your property appropriately. If it’s priced too high, then you may not receive as much interest and it could take longer to sell.

Priced at just the right value, you’ll receive a lot of interest, and it’ll be more likely that a potential homeowner will purchase your property.

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