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5 Tips to Wear Stylish Hijabs in Cold Winter Days

If you are looking for the type of fashion & stylish inspiration that you would need to wear to accompany the cold winter days and only if you are a hijabi then you are in the right place! Many Muslim bloggers are offering outfit ideas and the latest modest looks for this winter.

So we brought together the trendiest and the most fashionable outfits as well to come up with 5 fashion tips to help you wear stylish hijabs in cold winter. Now you can style the modest clothes you already have and make sure your outfit is trendy while not breaking the bank.

These 3 tips for you modern Muslim ladies will help you to elegantly and amazingly flaunt this style of hijab and make sure you look absolutely fantastic in cold winter days!

1- The first tip is related to the mixing and matching aspect of a hijab. The best thing about a hijab may be the neutral aesthetic that it creates on anyone who wears it. This allows plain hijabs and print hijabs to work with almost every single type of clothing alongside it from western oriented styles to more eastern oriented ones. My first tip would be to experiment and find a style that works especially well for you. This would be matching jackets for that sleek winter look that includes the use of jackets and accessories.The ones that worked well in the past have been bomber jackets with a complementary or matching color to the color of the hijab and preferably with a good pattern or design on the back. This will keep your style unmatched and makes it visually one of the best-looking ones out there. The most important part of the winter wardrobe you absolutely need to keep with you is a coat, preferably it should be thick and long in order to work with the overall look and once again have a neutral color. This allows the coat to be worn over almost every single outfit that you might own and especially for a fabulous hijab winter outfit look this can work perfectly well.

2- There are particular days as well which call for extremely particular dressing. For example, if you work out then you need a certain type of look to go with that. A chic and refined look in that area would work the best. I believe that styling the workout wear of a matching color to the hijab you wear will complement the whole look especially with an accessory such as a handbag which would give robustness to the entire look.

If you are used to wearing a turban type hijab then it would be better for you to use a neck scarf with it. The reason is that the neck scarf will bind the entire outfit to the hijab and also will complement any other accessories that you will be wearing such as earrings or nose rings. This does not mean that a traditional hijab will not be working well and you can wear a scarf on even a traditional hijab. Throw one end of the scarf onto one of your shoulders and you will look even more elegant.

3- Staying warm in the winters is also a priority for many people so there must be some way to balance fashion and function and create a style that works together with both types of work. This can be done easily because of the mixing and matching I previously mentioned. First recommendation would be the turtle neck style. The turtle neck style works very well you can tuck the lower part of your hijab into the turtle neck itself and keep the cold from getting at your neck all the while looking amazing.

Another way would be to get a hijab that has a particularly prominent color print on it and then match it to a particular type of sweater with a similar or complementary color. Finally the use of any jacket that you feel comfortable in, sometimes something outward works well and the oversized jacket especially an oversized denim jacket works particularly well when put on your shoulders, though a leather jacket or different types of other jackets would work just as well.

The hijab provides a large amount of flexibility when it comes to deciding your style in the winter so try out everything and see what works for you.

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