5 Things You Can Gift Your Mom on Her Birthday

Moms are the best. And they certainly deserve thoughtful presents on their birthdays. A drugstore card and a box of chocolate aren’t going to cut it. Here is a list of one-of-a-kind gift ideas that can help you show your appreciation for your mother. After all, it’s only because of a mother’s magnanimous love that you are who you are today.

1- Gadgets

Is your mom using the same mobile phone from the last few years? If yes, it’s time to give her an upgrade. You can invest in a snazzy cell phone or even a laptop so that she can video call you easily.

Thanks to the advent of technology, there are many other gadgets that your mom will fancy.

For example, Ember is a ‘smart appliance’ that consists of a ceramic mug and a coaster which keeps drinks warm.

It’s perfect for a busy mom who loves to start off her day with a cup of coffee or tea but struggles to finish it on time. Your mom can even set the mug to warm up a drink according to her preferred temperature through the Ember app.

If you want to surprise your mom with another out-of-the-box gadget, then give Juno smart mirror a shot. It is a ceramic mirror which can catch three levels of light.

It will help your mom achieve her perfect makeup look, no matter she is headed. Whether it is a daytime event or a quiet evening dinner- your mom will look beautiful.

2- Clothes

It’s true that moms spend more money shopping for their families than they do for themselves. So, why not gift them some much-needed wardrobe essentials. You can choose a good jumpsuit for her so she won’t have to think about coordinating head-to-toe looks.

A jumpsuit also works surprisingly well from day to night with a quick change of shoe. Flaunt it with sneakers or pair them with chic heels for a mommies meet-up – it will be your mom’s best friend during the warm months.

If her birthday falls during the winters, we recommend you to look up some genuine leather jackets for women. It is difficult to find the perfect leather jacket at a reasonable price, but if you do, it will be a gift that she will cherish for a long time.

Choose a black leather jacket that works well for fall and spring. It will be a closet staple and can be used during travels too.

3- Home decor

Moms love decorating! Whether it is the lounge or kitchen – a mom does her magic and brightens the home with a pair of cozy cushions or a scented candle. So, gifting her a home decor item is not a bad idea at all.

Choose a mug with a heartfelt quote, a photo frame with a memorable picture of yours or a beautiful vase for the dining table – the possibilities are endless.

Surprise your mom with a beautiful handmade gift item that she can enjoy looking at every day. Not that she needs a reminder, but all these efforts will make sure that she knows who is her favorite child!

4- Jewelry

Let’s be honest. No woman can resist a sparkling piece of jewelry, especially when her own child gifts it. Celebrate her birthday by gifting her a delicate piece of jewelry that will last forever.

Whether it is a pair of diamond studs, a simple bracelet with an engraved message or an eye-catching ring – there is no shortage of options that will stand the test of time.

No matter what your mom’s style is, this guide by Vogue will help you select the perfect jewelry item – one that won’t leave you bankrupt and is decently priced under $500.

Sophie Buhai petite classic heart necklace, $450sophiebuhai.com

5- Kitchen Appliances

While a kitchen appliance may not have the ‘wow factor’ of expensive jewelry or a designer piece of clothing, it can certainly be the perfect gift for a practical mom.

The key is to choose the right appliance that will make her life easier. Check out Cnet’s list of appliances that your mom will love. All of them have great features and rave reviews from people who have bought them.

We love the Breville Fast Slow Pro. For $250, it’s a steal that will help your mom cook all sorts of cuisines. Whether its searing meat, slow cooking or pressure cooking – Breville does it all.

Mom won’t have to swap between multiple skillets which ultimately means fewer dishes and faster cooking. We bet your mom would love to have this handy appliance in her kitchen.

6- Gardening tools

Many moms love gardening in their free time. Not only is it a great source of exercise, but it also has many unseen benefits for mental health. Whether your mom likes to grow flower beds, veggies or nourish herb boxes on her kitchen’s windowsill – this list from Geartacular has 30 ideas for the best gardening gift for your mom.

 7- Subscription box

What could be better than treating your mom to gifts multiple times a year? A subscription box is a great way to send some TLC to mom. It contains carefully curated items that will leave your mom all teary eyed (tears of happiness, of course). Read this list of the best subscription boxes for moms and pick the one that compliments your mom’s personality.


The best gifts always come from people who know and love you. So don’t fret, because your mom will love whatever you select. Let these ideas inspire you and gift your mom something that she will cherish for the rest of her life.

Do you have any other suggestions about unique gift ideas for mom? If yes, let us know in the comments below:

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