3D Printed Buildings: An Emerging Approach in Construction

3D printing in construction involves different technologies that use 3D printing for fabricating construction components or models. Different 3D printing techniques are used including powder bonding, extrusion, and additive welding. At the construction scale, these methods find wide ranging applications in commercial, private, and industrial sectors. There are many benefits of this emerging technology in construction.

Benefits of 3D Printed Buildings

There are many benefits of using 3D printing technologies in construction projects.

  • It lowers construction times
  • It reduces costs in comparison to conventional construction methods
  • There is lesser waste creation
  • It can involve the use of concrete or bio-plastics made of recycled materials which makes it an eco-friendly alternative
  • 3D printing creates new possibilities for the design of buildings and construction components

The technology allows construction of structures at speeds that make it perfect for providing disaster relief housing.

How is 3D Printing Used in the Industry?

There are two different ways in which 3D printing is used in the construction industry – for creating models and for direct construction works.

1. Model Creation

It is easier to use 3D printing for creating models. It can be used in the field of architecture for making the initial design renderings. It allows teams to get insights into the completed project. The team can use the model to evaluate if the project is going to work and if it looks like the design. After the evaluation, you can make changes to the 3D file before printing it.

The technology allows the creation of several iterations for a project. With traditional technologies, it can be too expensive or impossible to do so. The process involves creating the model using a 3D modeling software and uploading it for 3D printing service.

2. Direct Construction

Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing technology is also used for making houses and large structures. The technology has already been used for completing projects including concrete houses, urban features, and even bridges. Concrete houses can be printed in separate parts and assembled on site or in a single part at the site. This has been made possible not just due to this new technology, but also due to new materials.

Reduced Costs

Surveys show that the use of 3D printing technology can help lower construction costs by up to 60%. One way it reduces costs is by reducing the labor required for completing projects. Labor costs savings can contribute from 50% to 80% savings over traditional methods.


3D construction printing can work with recycled industrial and building waste materials for interior decoration and building construction. Surveys show that the technology can also help in reducing construction waste by up to 60%. In fact, the technology has also enabled new approaches in making energy efficient materials. For example, 3D printed bricks featuring ceramics and lattice design have been developed. They have a cooling effect and lower the need for air-conditioning.

Design Versatility

3D construction printing also opens up new possibilities for the industry in design versatility. It is now possible to create designs that were expensive or difficult using traditional methods. For example, non-linear designs can now be easily created. You can have structures in shapes that provide more flexibility and stability. It is now possible to create more organic designs that serve better aesthetic and functional purposes.

There are many more reasons why this emerging technology is finding more and more space in the construction industry. It is contributing to the creation of affordable housing. It is also finding application in the space where governments are looking for technologies for creating dwellings and structures on Mars and moon. It has already brought several new changes and is expected to evolve and make things possible in the industry that were not conceivable in the past. And it is able to do all this while reducing the cost of construction and providing more convenience and speed.

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